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Soda leaves the surface smooth after cleaning, without damage and scratches, does not overheat, does not freeze, does not deforms the surface. 

There are two methods of purification: gentle - the effect of which is a smooth, undamaged surface and a firm surface after which the surface is roughened (matted) - this is how the strain bridge is formed, desired before application of paints, masses, adhesives and mortars. Each cleaning cloth has a different effect on the surface to be cleaned, so we have great possibilities of obtaining various effects. The possibility of using different types of cleaners makes SodaBlast machines Systems very universal.

You use environmentally friendly, biodegradable and easily water-soluble cleaners. Soda protects against the harmful effects of outdated methods such as caustic hazardous chemicals in use and extremely expensive to dispose of. Soda is easy to recycle and has an environmentally friendly pH 8.2. It is also easily soluble in water after it has broken into dust on the surface to be cleaned.

At present, sandblasting is not permitted due to carcinogenicity caused by antigens. It is only a matter of time before sanding is fully replaced by SodaBlast Systems. For the European Union, ecology is the basis for the further development of economies. SodaBlast Systems ensures safety and thanks to that soda blasting is promoted by the EU as a standard of the future.


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High quality ecological soda blasting services. Call us and we will visit you to do the job or collect elements. 

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